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This site is dedicated to non-powered flight (Or at least most of the time…. Electric power for getting a sailplane to altitude has become very popular, and we don’t want to exclude those folks who carry their winch or high start onboard their sailplane!

Radio controlled soaring has been likened to three dimensional surfing, or sometimes called ‘fishing in the air’. Without an engine to keep your aircraft up, it is up to your skill and cunning to beat Mother Nature at her own game. You literally fly with the hawks and eagles, and use the same air currents to keep your sleek sailplane in the air. As your skill increases, so does your flying time. Every day is different, presenting different challenges, and that is what makes R/C soaring the most rewarding segment of the R/C hobby. Boring holes in the sky with a powered model is fun… for a while, but sooner or later you’ll find yourself getting bored, and doing dumb things… things that can bring about a quick end to an expensive model. But chasing those elusive thermals or slope lift is an ongoing challenge as you seek that goal of all soaring pilots… to stay UP until YOU are ready to come down.

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